MOIRA SANDERS takes you out of the grocery aisles and fast food lineups and into the down home growing, harvesting and preparing of stylish country meals. In her kitchen she reveals the secrets of how dishes from a simpler time fit into today’s busy lifestyles. No fuss but plenty of goodness and taste.

Moira Sanders shows you that “putting up” a few jars of nature’s bounty doesn’t have to be out of reach for today’s busy families and that the benefits of home canning and preserving far outweigh the work involved. With all the concern over food safety, the use of preservatives, and the carbon footprint of what we put on our tables, Moira’s do-it-yourself message rings loud and clear.

Using only locally grown foods and a back-to-basics philosophy, Moira demystifies homemade preserves for the modern person. Visit a strawberry farm and discover how to save that sweet taste of summer for those cold winter months. Pick flavourful herbs and successfully dry them for use all year long. Explore the many varieties of farm fresh vegetables and learn how to get the whole family involved in preserving them.

Once you savour the experience you’ll never want to leave Moira Sanders’ countryside.